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we love it what we do

Rich in Tradition of Jewelry Making

ARadhes.com is a small Jewelry studio team, with offices in Toronto, Canada and Bangkok, Thailand. We have an office in Thailand, because it is home to all natural gemstones and has a rich history of Jewelry making. Our boutique Jewelry Studio, makes it possible to customize your dream Engagement Ring at very affordable pricing. Almost all our Jewelers are 2nd or 3rd Generation Jewelers, steeped in the art of Jewelry making. We love jewelry and we hope you will give us a chance to serve you. See our Jewelry passion on your hand

handmade jewelry

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One of a Kind Jewelry

Why Radhes?

We live, eat and breathe Jewelry. We are a small team of dedicated Jewelers, who love everything about Jewelry. We try to create unique, different Jewelry designs using various gemstones. You will find your dream customized rings here on Radhes, at very low prices. We want to create easy to wear, beautiful Jewelry Ring pieces, that is unique and affordable at same time

Jewelry is our Passion


We sell our Rings at very affordable prices

Almost 80% of our Jewelry is sold at prices below $300. You do not need to save 3 months salary to find your dream engagement ring or next everyday ring


Unique Designs

We have a curated collection of 400 designs, which we refresh every week. If you are looking for unique, one of a kind engagement ring, look no further than Radhes.com


HandMade and Customized

 All our rings are handmade and they can be customized. All love stories are unique. Shouldn't your Jewelry reflect the same?

Customer Always Comes First

  • Very Affordable Pricing
  • One of a kind designs
  • Handmade and Customized
  • 30 Days Full Refund Policy
  • Very Fast Shipping
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Dedicated team of Jewelers
  • Unique Engagement Ring Designs
  • Boutique Jewelry Studio

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